The German was blinded by a laser pointer pilots the police helicopter in Hamburg

Police in Hamburg detained 27-the summer local who tried to blind the pilots of a police helicopter with a laser pointer. Writes about this edition of Focus.

The incident occurred on Thursday, July 6. In the police Department of the city said that the crew of the helicopter Libelle-2 in area of Altona was blinded with a laser pointer. The staff some time because of problems with vision could not fulfill the duties.

Subsequently, the guards have identified and detained the malefactor. It was them 27-the summer inhabitant of Hamburg. During the search of his apartment was discovered a laser pointer. The man was detained on Saturday, July 8, he must appear before a judge, who will elect him a measure of restraint.

The suspect is accused of attempted murder of law enforcement officers.

In Hamburg on 7 and 8 July, held a summit of G20 leaders. These days in the anti-globalization movement hold a protest. In them took part more than 10 thousand people, including left-wing extremists. Security during the G20 provide about 20 thousand police officers. Earlier it was reported that in clashes with demonstrators injured about 200 guards.