Vyacheslav Volodin can’t wait to recount MPs



The speaker makes the questions appear in a public plane

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin proposed to declare the number of absent MPs at the beginning of each meeting. The head of the Committee on rules Olga Savastianova will report why they did not come. The opposition factions emphasize that the MPs can be “objective reasons” for absence from the meeting. The desire of the speaker to report on the number of truants “just PR” the speaker said in the Communist party.

Vyacheslav Volodin said that at the beginning of each meeting will announce the number of absent deputies. “Not by name this is a list, and the number. And then the overall picture will be clear to all,”— said Volodin. Then the “less that is not true, including when writing articles”.

Probably Mr. Volodin was referring to the media coverage that emerged after journalists with the permission of the speaker made on the balcony of the courtroom of the state Duma: it became obvious that plenary are not all the deputies. Present MPs vote for their colleagues, which is prohibited by regulations from the start of the seventh convocation of the lower chamber.

After the Council of the Duma on 6 July Olga Savastianova already stated that on average a meeting is not registered 25 deputies, but sometimes more. If the MP is not registered, then vote for it, she said. The number is not registered on the session of the Duma deputies to announce that Ms. Sevastyanova, she will talk about the reasons for the absence, said the speaker of the state Duma. Members noted that the turnout at the meeting to Okhotny not new. In the Duma of the last convocation the matter was also put before the factions several times, says member of the Duma Council.

Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Nilov stressed that the presence of a member at a meeting is “important, but not main”.

Equally important, he said, “to announce the results of voting, what law, who voted “for” against”. Mr. Neal noted that voters most importantly — the position of deputies, especially “crucial, essential laws”. “When the deputies go to the polls, talking to voters, they promise to be the people’s 100%,— said Mr. Niles.— When it comes to voting, the situation is changing”.

Coordinator of the LDPR Vadim dengin said that he was “in any order”. “First, because we pay money for these people, and, secondly, people need to know where is actually the Deputy,”— said the Deputy. However, in his opinion, this initiative is a “double edged sword”. As noted by Mr. Diggin, the Deputy can be “”objective reasons” for absence from the meeting.” “If the Deputy came to the voters who are waiting at the door, they must go to the office to talk to him. Will he be absent at the time of voting for a valid reason or not in this case? Or, say, he had a long meeting,” said Vadim Denikin. In his opinion, the work is to be done inside fraction of all absent deputies have to ring up. “In this case, the Deputy is well aware that he is control”, he added.

“It’s just self-praise, and artificial aggravation of the situation, we have, apparently, no other problems”,— said “Kommersant”, the coordinator of the Communist party faction Nikolai Kolomeitsev.