Putin made a joke on late to negotiate with Macron

Emmanuel macron and Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a joke about his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, a latecomer to bilateral talks. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The French leader apologized and explained that she had delayed discussing the issues on climate change. “I hope that now the climate will be better,” — jokingly said Putin, accepting the apology. According to Reuters, the Russian President waited Him for about 20 minutes.

Negotiations of heads of two States took place on Saturday, July 8, on the sidelines of the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg. Putin and the macron, in particular, noted the intensification of economic ties between the two countries and said the growth in turnover. The two sides also expressed their commitment to the agreements reached during Putin’s visit to the French capital in may.

In June of this year at a meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping, Russian leader with humor perceived tardiness of the Chinese delegation. Sitting alone in front of XI Jinping, Putin called “one soldier”.

The Russian President also sometimes delayed prior to the events. For example, he was twice late for a meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The first time happened on December 15 last year, when Putin two hours later than planned came to Japan because of work schedule. The second time — July 7 at the G20 summit. In connection with the prolonged conversation with the American leader Donald trump Abe waited for the President of Russia about an hour. Putin apologized and assured the Japanese Prime Minister that relates to the incident with understanding.