Peskov called the main discussion subject of the heads of the G20


RIA Novosti

The heads of state at the G20 meeting in Hamburg to discuss the problem of terrorism, as required by the realities of today, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

The summit of “big twenty” opened on Friday in Hamburg.

“Now began a very important retreat experts together it is called a zero retreat, or meeting, which involves only the heads of States and governments — participants of the twenties, without Sherpas, without assistants. There is a discussion of terrorism, in fact, the realities of our time dictate the need for discussing these topics together, directly, with the relevant issues on the agenda of this international forum”, — said Peskov.

He added that after this meeting will be held the first working meeting dedicated to economic issues.

“Further, having concluded its debate on terrorism, the heads of state and government will begin the first retreat, it will be with the participation of Sherpas, there will be our Minister of Finance, the Minister of economy is also. The first is devoted to economic issues… they are issues of competition, and issues of protectionism, and many other topics. I know that our Sherpa has been repeatedly briefed, gave interviews, these questions were also presented in the author’s article Putin published here in Germany,” — said Peskov.