Kosachev spoke about the expectations from the meeting of Putin and trump


RIA Novosti

Whether Washington is ready for a constructive discussion of the accumulated problems? What results can you expect from the meeting of the presidents? To these questions in an interview to “TV Center” said Senator Konstantin Kosachev.

The upcoming summit and, above all, a scheduled meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump became the main theme of the programme “Events. 25th hour”. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev answered questions from Alexey Frolov.

“Trump goes hunting. As those who voted against it initially, and a substantial part of those who voted for him. The way he holds the rotating presidency, like a growing number of Americans. Therefore, there is the issue of the possible impeachment of trump. If someone will be able to hold off constant attempts by trump to play political means, it is Russia. Therefore, the meeting of Putin and trump important for the whole world. It would not be desirable that the first meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States boiled down to the fact who will beat who. Ultimately, we must reach a situation where both parties will earnestly seek the convergence. Because we really need each other,” said Kosachev.