Duterte promised to eat the liver of extremists after the execution of the Vietnamese sailors

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte again threatened to eat the liver of extremists from grouping “Abu Sayyaf”. He stated that after the detection in the South the bodies of two militants executed Vietnamese sailors. Words Philippine leader leads edition Rappler.

“I’ll eat your liver if you so desire. I’ll just add salt and vinegar and I will be there right before your eyes,” said Duterte Wednesday, July 5, correspondence referring to extremists.

According to the President, after the incident, will have to explain to the Vietnamese government. Speaking to officials, he stressed that the killing of foreign hostages by local militants is a huge embarrassment to the Philippines.

The bodies of the sailors of the Philippine military found the 4th of July. It is noted that they were taken hostage in November last year during an attack on a Vietnamese merchant ship.

Duterte not the first time promises to enjoy the liver extremists. In particular, he talked about it in April 2017. In December last year, the President admitted that he personally killed suspected criminals when he was a mayor of Davao city.

“Abu Sayyaf” is known for extortion, kidnapping, bombings and brutal executions. It is considered one of the most dangerous in the region. Swore allegiance to Islamic state (a group banned in Russia).