Putin said the main foreign policy priority of Russia and China


RIA Novosti

The complex decision of problems of the Korean Peninsula is one of the joint foreign policy priorities of China and Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin after their talks with the Chinese leader.

“The number of joint foreign policy priorities – the complex decision of problems of the Korean Peninsula in order to ensure lasting peace and stability in northeast Asia,” — said the Russian President.

On Tuesday morning, the DPRK has tested a missile “And 14”, which landed in the sea of Japan 300 km from the coast of Japan. About the successful testing of the first Intercontinental ballistic missile, the DPRK announced in the air of the Central TV of North Korea. It was reported that the missile test was carried out on the orders of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-UN, who personally attended the launch. The rocket flew 933 kilometers, reaching a height of 2802 kilometers, the flight time was 39 minutes.

According to the defense Ministry, the missile was tracked by the Russian System of missile warning (EWS). According to the Russian Agency, she rose to a height of 535 kilometers, and flew about 510 kilometers, fell in the Central part of the sea of Japan.