In Japan after the flood were missing 18 people

After the floods in Japan were missing 18 people. It is reported by The Strait Times.

At the moment we know about two dead: one drowned trying to get out of the river, the other was covered by a landslide. Among the missing — at least one child who, according to witnesses, was carried away by the flow, and the couple whose house was washed away by the river.

The rescue operation involved thousands of soldiers of the defense Forces. They are trying to get to the houses located in areas that are threatened by landslides. Interfere with the work of a swollen river.

Forecasters warn that in the coming hours possible new showers, because of which the situation could deteriorate further. Warning emergency evacuation has received more than 550 thousand inhabitants of the prefectures of Fukuoka and Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.