From-for a squally wind 60 settlements of Perm Krai remained without electricity

More than 60 settlements of the Perm region was left without electricity because of the hurricane. About it reported in the press service of “Permenergo”.

In the night of Thursday, July 6, Perm Krai hurricane, the wind speed reached 25 meters per second. Falling due to the breathing of the trees broke off the wire transmission lines. Disabled were 227 transformer substations. Outages recorded in Perm, usolskaya, karagayskiy, Nytvenskiy, Il, October, Chusovskoy, Kudymkarskiy and YUS areas.

In “Permenergo” introduced a special mode of operation, to the places of the cliff sent a team of 31 engineers, shared a 114-member. According to experts, the restoration of electricity supply is scheduled for completion July 6, in the first half of the day.

Earlier in July, the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov said that the middle of the summer will be difficult at times to Russian rescuers due to precipitation, temperature extremes, gusty winds.