Participant of the “Orekhovo-Medvedkovo” gang have been detained after 16 years of investigation

Participant of the “Orekhovo-Medvedkovo” gang have been detained after 16 years of investigation

Moscow. July 5. INTERFAX.RU Party “Orekhovo-Medvedkovo” criminal gang suspected of committing five murders in the 1990-ies detained in the Vladimir region, reported “Interfax” the representative of a capital Central Board of the Investigative Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

“Investigative agencies of the Main investigation Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation the city of Moscow continues investigation of the criminal case against participants of the “Orekhovo” and “Medvedkovo” groups, who in the early ‘ 90s, the number of murders and other especially serious crimes,” — said Ivanov.

According to her, Wednesday law enforcement officials in Vladimir region it is detained and delivered to Moscow by the investigator Alexander Sharapov born in 1971, “one of the members of the criminal community, which was in the international wanted list since 2001.” According to the investigation, Sharapov was part of a criminal community, which consisted of the “Orekhovo” and “Medvedkovo” steady armed group and in the period from 1994 to 2001, had committed murder of five persons on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region. “Crimes were committed with aid of firearms, and with the help of explosives,” — said Ivanov.

The structure of the criminal community consisted of more than 30 people, most of them in the period from 2004 to present, passed already more than 12 convictions. “Currently, the detainee is required a complex investigation. In the near future will be solved the issue of election in respect of the defendant the measure of restraint in form of detention”, — said the representative of the investigation.