Macron dived under the water on a nuclear submarine

Macron dived under the water on a nuclear submarine

The President of France Emmanuel Makron spent a few hours underwater aboard a nuclear submarine, taking part in exercises simulating the launch of nuclear missiles.

On the nuclear submarine “Le Terribl”, located 300 km from the coast of Brittany, the Macron was lowered from the helicopter. Later the French President published in social networks photo of the descent.

Visite aux sous-mariniers du SNLE “Le Terrible”.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) July 4, 2017
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After 2019, Britain will leave the EU, France will remain the only of the 27 EU countries, in the Arsenal which has nuclear weapons.

Macron underscored the importance of the French nuclear deterrent, calling them “the cornerstone of security.”

Simulated nuclear launch was part of the programme of President’s visit to naval base Ile-longue, where he spent the day.

It was there that all four French nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles.

In addition to submarines, nuclear missiles are in service with the French air force. In total nuclear Arsenal of the country is about 300 warheads.

Simultaneously with the visit of the President of Macron on the Ile-long new French government under the presidency of Edouard Philippe easily won a vote of confidence in Parliament: he was supported by 370 deputies, “against” votes and 67.

Philip submitted for approval to the Parliament the programme of work of his office, including budget cuts and labour reform.

Categorically against this reform was made by the French trade unions, which are now threatening mass strikes next fall.