In the Moscow office of “Yandex” there was a fire

In Moscow office of “Yandex” there was a fire. This was reported on the website of the Moscow Central Board MOE.

Information about the fire in the house №16 along the street of Leo Tolstoy arrived around 14:20 GMT. It is noted that the burning electric cables in the Elevator shaft at area of six square meters. Arrived at the scene, firefighters liquidated ignition.

As reported by the TV channel “360” Director “Yandex” media relations Ochir Mandzhikov, no one was hurt. After the alarm company employees were evacuated. Federal Agency news (FAN) published photos with the scene.

In June, during a fire in a warehouse near Kiev station killed two people. Badly burned body was discovered in the rubble after the fighting. The fire area made 100 square meters. From the nearby business center was evacuated 3.5 thousand people.