Theresa may has postponed the publication of the report on the financing of British extremists

Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa may is delaying the publication of the results of the investigation of the interior Ministry on foreign funding of extremism in the United Kingdom. On Tuesday, July 4, reports The Independent.

The report was compiled in January last year, when the Ministry of internal Affairs was headed by she Mei. According to one of the leaders of the British green party Caroline Lucas, in the centre of the investigation probably was Saudi Arabia.

The publication suggests that the delay of the publication associated with the London fear to spoil relations with Riyadh.

Lucas said the decision may postpone the publication of the report of the striking and demanded to know if it has been taken under diplomatic pressure, reports The Guardian.

Since the inauguration, the Prime Minister may be trying to strengthen Britain’s relationship with the countries of the Persian Gulf, particularly with Saudi Arabia. As the newspaper notes, after the formal launch of the Brexit in March, Saudi Arabia has become one of the first countries visited by the Prime Minister.