“Beautiful Petersburg” starts the campaign against “Zaporizhzhia”

“Beautiful Petersburg” starts the campaign against “Zaporizhzhia”

Public movement “Beautiful Petersburg” launches public campaign against “Zaporizhzhia” Northern capital: this refers to the installation of fences at the border of the sidewalk and the roadway.

“Fences, widely installed on pavements, not only do not contribute to security, but pose significant harm to the urban environment. We believe that many fences are installed without the necessary approvals with city departments and with violations of regulations,” reported on 4 July “Fontanka” the city’s protectors.

Activists believe that the model fences significantly reduce the width of the sidewalk, impede the passage of people, installed in the protected zones of cultural heritage or where their obvious uselessness.

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“Beautiful Petersburg” promises to send the results of its investigation to the Governor, asking him to specify what specific sections of the fences were put in obtaining all necessary approvals and in accordance with all the rules and demanding to dismantle the illegal fence.