Victims of an accident in the Omsk region were five people

In the Omsk region on Sunday, July 2, an accident involving a truck and a passenger car. In the accident killed five people, including one child. About this “Interfax” said an informed source.

The collision occurred on the seventh kilometer of the highway “Irtysh” in Omsk region. The accident occurred through the fault of the driver of VAZ, at the crossroads of uneven roads, not missed a Daf car, which followed the main road.

“As a result of the accident killed the driver born in 1986, passengers 1939, 1984, 2014 year of birth and an unidentified woman 60-65 years”, — told in the regional Department of internal Affairs.

July 2 in some regions of Russia have been several fatal accidents. The largest of these was the accident that happened on Sunday night in Tatarstan. A passenger bus EN route from Samara to Izhevsk has faced with moving in the same direction with the MAN truck, which was towed by KAMAZ. 14 people were killed.

Another five people — a woman and four men — were victims of the accident in the Stavropol region. Nissan at high speed crashed into a tree, and then on the side hit a parked VAZ-2104.

In the Krasnodar region on the highway Temryuk — Fontalovskaya the driver of the Land Rover drove into the oncoming lane, carrying out overtaking maneuver, and crashed into the “Lada Priora”. As reported by RIA Novosti in the press service of the interior Ministry in the region, the accident killed 65-year-old driver of the domestic car and two female passengers 16 and 64 years.

The same number of lives claimed accident in the Tula region. Citing the Department of internal Affairs in the region, TASS reported that on the highway M-2 “Crimea” faced cargo “the Gazelle” and automobile Skoda. As a result, both cars caught fire.