The pup, who visited Petersburg released in the Gulf of Finland

The pup, who visited Petersburg released in the Gulf of Finland

Last week, the cub climbed out of the river Neva, who has pleased crowds of tourists on the stone stairs at the Trinity bridge.

Baby grey seal is found on the banks of the Neva from the Troitsky bridge, zoologists caught and released in Gulf of Finland. On 29 June he was spotted outside the waterfront near the fortress. Nejishika in the sun caused the seal touches the hearts of tourists: the baby photographed and filmed passers-by.

Later to the place where the “sunbathing” seal, there arrived the staff of the rehabilitation Centre of marine mammals (Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals). Director of the Foundation Vyacheslav Alekseev examined the animal.

Age was found seal — 4 months and the approximate weight is 35 kg. Wounds and external injuries were found on the body, the seal is good fat, fully fledged and ready for life in the wild.

“There is a possibility that a strong current brought him to the city area. We took the animal to a quiet place, the Gulf of Finland, where his life threatens nothing”, — quotes the words of the Director of the Foundation Vyacheslav Alekseev, the press service of the city water Utility, the wastewater treatment plant which is a Center of rehabilitation of marine mammals.

Seals were released into the Gulf of Finland in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region.

Recall that the probability of detection of baby seals or ringed seals on the shore. The Fund asks citizens to be vigilant and to report all cases of finding live or dead seal on the phone 699-23-99.