Lavrov compared the US charges Russia with an anecdote about Chapaev


RIA Novosti

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, speaking on Friday on “Primako readings” compared attacks by the US and European countries with an anecdote about the legendary division commander Vasily Chapaev.

“Remember [an anecdote], as Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev went to Monte Carlo, [playing cards], and when they began to say who has how many points someone said, “I Have a 21”. Chapaev says: “Show me.” In response to: “we Have decided to believe in the word”. And here Vasily Ivanovich flooded map…” – said Lavrov.

“Here is something similar now happening with the charges in our address – he said. Those who accuse us of hacking attacks, state-sanctioned interference in the election campaign of the US and many European countries, who accuse the [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s use of chemical weapons, who accuses us of many sins, are guided by this Maxim – that a decent society it is accepted to believe in the word”.

“Well, first, we have the global community is multicoloured and multifaceted. And secondly, the same US President Ronald Reagan said the following phrase – “trust but verify”, – noticed Lavrov. – Therefore, we trust only the facts and not believe every word”.