Dankvert will take part in the negotiations Putin and Lukashenko

Sergey Dankvert

The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert, against which the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded to initiate a criminal case, will take part in the meeting of the Supreme state Council of the Union state on Friday, June 30. This information was confirmed by press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, reports “Ribbon.ru”.

“Yes, will,” he told reporters, answering the question about the participation of the Dankvert.

In April, the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor said that Russian law enforcement agencies should initiate criminal proceedings against Ministry of Belarus for the avoidance of interaction to identify sanctions products at the borders of Belarus with the European Union and the Russian Federation.

In early February, Lukashenka criticized the head of Rosselkhoznadzor. He said that “all these Dankvert — people interested”, they are themselves the producers of products, but can’t compete with Belarus on its quality. In addition, Lukashenko demanded to bring criminal case against the Dankvert.

At the end of last year, the Belarusian leader also criticized Dankvert for negative statements about Belarusian food.

Russia captures a huge discrepancy between the volumes imported from neighboring countries of agricultural products and officially grown. In particular, in 2015 the supply of apples from Belarus to Russia five times higher than the harvested crop in the country. Moscow suspects Minsk in the re-export of European products.