The Syrian army has called “false” reports about the use of chlorine

The Syrian army has called “false” reports about the use of chlorine

The Syrian army command issued a statement in which he rejected allegations of use of toxic substances, in particular chlorine. In a special statement said that the army lacks munitions filled with the chemical.

The Syrian government army has rejected allegations of use of chlorine in the district of ain Terma near Damascus. The representative of command of Armed forces of the Republic called it false and baseless, reports news Agency SANA.

The statement said that information on the use of chlorine by government forces spread web sites “affiliated with terrorists.”

The Syrian army command claims that it never used in the past, chemical weapons and will not do in the future because they do not have shells filled with the chemical.

One day this statement, the Agency also published a statement, the Syrian foreign Ministry, which had criticized the report, spetskomissii of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) about the incident Khan Sheyhun.

In Damascus believe that the report is based on “fraud and endless delusions.”

“The SAR from the first moment of receiving information about the crime in Khan Sheyhun stressed that no chemical weapons to use for any purpose, and strongly condemned any use of toxic chemicals in any form and against anyone on the basis of beliefs about the immorality and the unjustified use of weapons of mass destruction,” — said in a statement.

SAR expressed its readiness to cooperate with OPCW without borders, inviting the experts of the Organization to go to Khan shaykhun and to conduct research on the spot.