Hiding for more than 30 years a drug kingpin arrested in Brazil

Police in Brazil have arrested the drug Lord Luis Carlos da Rocha, nicknamed White head. It is reported by Spanish newspaper El Pais, citing the police of Brazil.

Luiz Carlos da Roche was arrested Saturday morning as a result of police operations “Spectrum”. It is reported that guards more than two weeks were in ambush, watching the house and waiting for the arrival of a drug Baron.

During the arrest, he found a pistol, two million dollars in cash and documents in a different name.

Luiz Carlos da Roche was considered one of the most wanted drug lords in Latin America. To hide from the police he managed for 32 years. For this, he even had plastic surgery.

He planes were transported to Brazil drugs from Peru, Mexico and Colombia, and supplied them for two of the largest groups in the country. According to some, as the White head is estimated at $ 100 million.

He faces 50 years in prison.