The law on blocking of sites pirated copies signed by the President

The law on blocking of sites pirated copies signed by the President

Moscow. July 1. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on blocking the so-called “mirrors of” pirate sites on the Internet.

The text of the law adopted by the Duma on 23 June and approved by the Federation Council on 28 June, posted Saturday on the official portal of legal information.

This law is aimed at curbing the illegal distribution and use of audiovisual works on the Internet.

The law introduces the concept of “a copy of the blocked site.” The law considers such copy “a website, similar to the point of confusion with the website on the Internet, with restricted access by decision of the Moscow city court in connection with repeated and improper placement of information containing objects of copyright or related rights or information needed to receive them with the use of the Internet.” Place a copy of the blocked site is not allowed.

The law also spelled out the procedure the decision of the Ministry on recognition of the website copy is locked on the basis of methodologies approved by the government. Also updated features of the website, which can be recognized as a copy of the blocked website.

In addition, an updated list of the persons who would be entitled to initiate the procedure to lock copies of the blocked resource is the Federal Executive authorities and rights holders.

The law requires search engines to remove from search results links to pirate sites.

The law-introduced mechanism only applies to the Russian language as the state intended to protect its investment in the domestic film industry.

The law shall enter into force on 1 October 2017.