Some of the detained in Moscow airports the planes flew to destinations

As of 10:30 Moscow time on 1 July 2017 detainees on the flight at the Moscow international airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports are about 100 flights. About 40 flights have been cancelled. This was reported on the websites of the airports.

At Domodedovo delayed departure of more than 70 aircraft in Sheremetyevo for more than 25. While in Sheremetyevo airport canceled about 30 flights. Vnukovo delayed by the departure of four flights.

Before 1 July it was reported that 450 flights delayed, cancelled, 41. According to the information at 06:30 Moscow time at the Domodedovo airport were detained 179 flights and two canceled. At Sheremetyevo airport delayed flights 270, 39 repealed. Vnukovo delayed one flight.

30 June in the Central Federal district, there were heavy rains and thunderstorms. In the capital region, according to unofficial figures, killed three people.