Seoul proposed dialogue between the US and North Korea

Seoul proposed dialogue between the US and North Korea

Grounds for initiating dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang may be the cessation of nuclear tests by the DPRK or the release of detainees in the country American citizens.

This was stated by the President of South Korea moon Jae-In on the meeting with the American leader Donald trump in Washington, reports Reuters.

Moon said that South Korea will “sternly respond” to any provocation by the DPRK and urged Pyongyang to promptly return to dialogue with the international community, in particular, with Seoul and the United States.

The South Korean leader said that if North Korea frees detained three American citizens and stop its nuclear and missile tests, it will be a good basis for the beginning of negotiations.

Donald trump, commenting on the situation around North Korea’s situation, said that Pyongyang’s actions require “a strong response”: the U.S. government, he said, develop diplomatic, economic and other measures against the country, the patience of Washington, the President said, exhausted.