Putin has approved a law establishing a “registry corrupt”

Putin has approved a law establishing a “registry corrupt”

President Vladimir Putin signed the law establishing the registry of civil servants dismissed for corruption. The corresponding document was published on the official portal of legal information.

The registry will get fired the highest government officials, prosecutors, employees of the UK, of the internal Affairs bodies, customs, fire service and military, civil and municipal servants.

In addition, the registry gets dismissed because of corruption the Central Bank staff, officials of state corporations, Pension Fund, social insurance Fund, obligatory medical insurance Fund. According to the law, the unified information resource registry.

In late June, senators supported the establishment of a register of corrupt officials. The bill the government submitted to the state Duma in the summer of 2016, referred to in the document is about corruption, insufficient for a criminal case. Fired for them officials need not re-apply for civil service, the authors of the initiative.