In the us state of Nevada was allowed to sell marijuana for recreational purposes

In Nevada (USA) began selling marijuana for recreational purposes. On Saturday, July 1, the Associated Press reports.

To purchase a portion of marijuana one ounce (28.3 grams) will only be able adults by state law, the age of majority is 21 years. To use the preparation at home, Smoking in public places is prohibited. It is expected that about two thirds of sales have for the tourists.

Nevada became the fifth state where marijuana can be purchased for recreational purposes. Previously, it was permitted in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska. In 19 States and Washington, DC (district of Columbia) it is sold as a medication. The list of diseases for which this drug is prescribed, in each state your. So, marijuana can be prescribed for such diseases as AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, tumors, and glaucoma.

In June 2017, marijuana legalized in Mexico for scientific and medical purposes.

The use of marijuana as medicine, in addition to some States in the U.S. legalized in several European countries. In several States of Europe, trafficking in cannabis and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis is not prosecuted criminally, and the use is allowed in designated areas.