Guard saved trump from a falling lamp

Donald Trump

South Korean journalists knocked over the lamp that stood on the table next to the President of the United States Donald trump during a meeting with his South Korean counterpart mun Jae-Otherwise, catch in the side of the American leader of interior-managed security service of the White house. Video of the moment on Friday, June 30, published on its YouTube channel NBC News.

“Take it easy, guys! You are getting worse! You then tilt the table,” commented trump.

At a meeting with South Korean counterpart trump said that the era of “strategic patience” of the United States against North Korea over. The head of state noted that the DPRK authorities “don’t care about the safety of its citizens, and residents of neighboring States that do not respect human life.”

According to the White house, Washington begins to implement a “range of measures in the areas of diplomacy, security and economy” in order to achieve the cessation of nuclear and missile development of the DPRK. The us leader also urged countries to join the sanctions against Pyongyang.