US Ambassador to the UN justified the distrust of Iran’s fable about the Scorpion and the frog

US Ambassador to the UN justified the distrust of Iran’s fable about the Scorpion and the frog

UN, June 30. /TASS/. The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley told Thursday by members of the Security Council of the fable about the frog and the Scorpion, trying thus to explain the distrust of Iran and questioned its commitment to the implementation of the agreement on the nuclear program.

At the meeting of the security Council Deputy UN Secretary-General for political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman reported that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the nuclear agreement with the six world powers (Russia, UK, Germany, China, USA and France). The participants in the debate affirmed their commitment to the full implementation of the agreement. Taking the floor, Ambassador to the US said that the issue of enforcement of the Iranian leadership of its international obligations remind her of the fable of the Scorpion and the frog.

“The Scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the river, the frog quite reasonably asked: “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The Scorpion replied that in that case they’ll both die, and the frog agreed. She allowed the Scorpion to climb on his back and they started across the river,” the retelling of the fable Haley.

“Of course, halfway the Scorpion still stung the frog, — continued the diplomat. On his last breath the frog asked, “Why?” The Scorpion replied, “Because I tend by nature”.

According to the Ambassador of the United States, the latest report of the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, on the implementation of the nuclear agreement, “is full of exhaustive evidence about the nature of the Iranian regime.” It accused the Islamic Republic in disregard of security Council resolution 2231, which was adopted in support of the agreement, criticizing Tehran for conducting missile tests and arms deals.

Furthermore, Haley argued that Iran is playing a “destructive and destabilizing role in the middle East” — from Syria to Yemen and from Iraq to Lebanon, supporting “terrorist groups”.

As said by the diplomat, “the United States will no longer close their eyes to the behavior of the Iranian regime.” According to her, Washington along with its allies will intercept Iranian shipments of weapons banned by resolution and to impose sanctions against persons involved in violations of the sanctions regime.