Under the Eagle missing woman and child found hanged in the woods

Near the village of Stanovoye in the Oryol region found hanged on the eve of the body of the missing woman and her six-month child, reports REN TV.

They involved the police, emergency situations Ministry, the FSB and volunteers “Liza Alert”, reported on the website of the regional Central Board rescue agencies.

“As explained by the applicant, they family was driving in a neighboring region. On the territory of Orlovsky district around the forest he stopped to rest. When the man woke up, he did not find the couple and their minor child, — stated in the text. The man tried to find their loved ones on their own, but he did not succeed.

Information about the missing was received in the regional control Centre in crisis situations on Thursday morning, June 29. At the place where the missing woman and child, worked as dog handlers. In addition, for the search used two unmanned aerial vehicles.