The teenager was sent to a friend for a cigarette and “fined” sellers in the Khabarovsk region

In Vyazemsky district of Khabarovsk territory has directed to court criminal case of fraud against a young man, stratopause disguised as an employee of the CPS vendors for selling cigarettes to minors his friend, reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

“At the pre-trial stage of criminal proceedings, the accused fully compensated the damage caused to victims in the total amount of 47 thousand rubles”, — stated in the text.

Did the teenager for his raids, any documents in the Prosecutor’s office said. After the purchase, he showed the store the passport of his friend, and then “pretended, which is the act of checking, then offered the sellers to pay the fine on the spot in a much smaller amount — from 5 thousand to 7 thousand rubles”, — told in Prosecutor’s office.

The young man is charged with nine such episodes. Currently he has reached the age of 18.

In April 2016 in the Metropolitan supermarket detained two young people who under the guise of employees of public organizations checked the outlets, reported on the website of the MIA in Moscow. If violations they threatened to call the police and offered to “close their eyes” on the bugs for the sum from 5 thousand to 30 thousand rubles.