The state Department welcomed the verdict Nemtsov killers

The U.S. state Department is satisfied with the verdict of the killers of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov. It is stated in the document on the website of the American guardian.

“We welcome the news that the five are responsible for the murder of Boris Nemtsov the person was convicted. We again urge the Russian government to ensure that all involved in the murder of a person — including the organizers — will suffer a just punishment,” — said in a statement.

The state Department also notes that with the death of Nemtsov, Russia has lost a champion of democracy and human rights. “Boris Nemtsov is no more, however, his Patriotic spirit lives in Russian people — both young and old people — those who seek to build a democratic, prosperous and open Russia”, — sums up the authors.

At the trial in the Moscow district military court on June 29, the jury returned a guilty verdict Zaur Dadaev, Temirlan Eskerhanova, brothers Anzor and Saddam Gubareva and Khamzat Bachevo. Under the Criminal code, for involvement in assassinations, all of them punishable by up to life imprisonment.