The state Department accused Syria of reneging on the commitments for the prohibition of chemical weapons

The state Department accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons. This is stated in the statement, the text of which is published on the website of the American dipvedomstva.

The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) issued on the eve of the report, which put the Syrian government forces responsible for using sarin gas or similar in the city of Khan shaykhun on 4 April.

“The facts reflect despicable and dangerous use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. By continuing to use chemical weapons, Damascus, due to the inability to completely destroy its chemical weapons program, continues not to comply with their legal obligations in accordance with the chemical weapons Convention and of resolution 2118 of the UN Security Council.

The Pentagon reported on the preparation by the government of new Syrian chemical attack on June 26. Any evidence of these words was not provided. Later, the head of the military Department of the United States James Mattis suggested that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons due to the warnings of Americans.

Gas attack in Khan Sheyhun (Idlib), controlled by the Syrian opposition, took place on 4 April. Killed 87 people, injured about 200. Assad’s opponents and Western countries accused in the attack, the air force of the government troops. In Damascus said that the army did not use chemical weapons on the battlefield.