The investigative Committee took the puppies

The investigative Committee took the puppies

As it became known””, in the criminal case of former chief of interagency cooperation and private security RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, who is accused of receiving a bribe from the thief in law Zachariah kalashova (Shakro Young), added another episode of illegal remuneration in the form of a used jeep. While Colonel Maksimenko being investigated for receiving several bribes. As one of them, the investigation is considering given him puppies.

Increasing the number of episodes in the case of Colonel Maksimenko, who, along with former first Deputy head of GSU SKR across Moscow the General-major Denis by Nikandrova and the head of USB of the TFR Alexander by Lamonova is accused of receiving €500 thousand from the thief in law Shakro Young, it became known at session of Moscow city court. It protection officers Maximenko and Lamonova appealed the decision of the Basmanny court, in accordance with which the period of detention, they were extended to July 19.

The representatives accused of receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code) stated that their clients were interviewed on this episode has already been several times, so to influence the course of the investigation I can not. In addition, their health status deteriorated, and therefore asked the appellate court to change him a measure of restraint on house arrest. “Half a year before the arrest I knew against me operative-search activities but did not intervene in them,” said the defendant Maksimenko, making it clear that he is interested in objective investigation.

Meanwhile, the representative of the investigative Department of the FSB announced that the investigation into the alleged criminal activities of Mikhail Maksimenko in the beginning.

The FSB investigator, said that Colonel Maksimenko has extensive ties, including in the criminal environment, and in the investigative Committee has built a system in which subordinates are only doing what “to satisfy his personal ambitions.”

For people like Colonel Maksimenko, said the representative of the FSB, the concept of “officer’s honor” and “conscience” are empty words.

As it turned out, after initiation of proceedings about a bribe from “the lawyer” Colonel Maksimenko was charged episode connected with the remuneration of a reputable businessman Badri Shengelia, who was a witness in several criminal cases. According to investigators, Mr. Shengelia paid Colonel Maksimenko 1 million rubles for the fact that he organized a criminal case against St. Petersburg police officers who confiscated his expensive watch Hublot in 2014 and has not returned.

At the meeting of the Moscow city court, the investigator of the FSB reported that Mikhail Maksimenko is being investigated and another thing about the extortion of their compensation at some Smickovska. According to “Kommersant”, we are talking about the owner of a large construction business Dmitry Smickovska, which, according to the FSB, as a bribe, gave the Colonel a Jeep Wrangler — used car, however, estimated at 1.5 million rubles, which therefore falls under part 6, item 290 of the criminal code.

According to sources, “b”, the SUV may not be the last object from the list of illegal compensation of a former senior employee of the TFR. The interlocutor of “Kommersant” has informed that now the consequence checks its receiving a bribe in the form of puppies elite of the breed. The defence representatives of Colonel Maksimenko said “Kommersant” that the animals in their customer no, refusing further comment. In turn, the Moscow city court left the accused Maximenko and Lamonova custody.

Sergei Mashkin