Russia warned about terrorists in Syria provocation with chemical weapons

Terrorist groups in Syria are preparing a provocation using chemical weapons in the area of Deraa, by analogy with the situation in Idlib province in may this year. About it RIA Novosti reported with reference to informed diplomatic source.

The Russian side on June 29 notified the US-led international coalition about the plans of terrorists to blow up some stuffed with toxic substances of shells in one of the districts of Deraa. “Provocation will be produced by analogy with the situation in Idlib province,” said the source, adding that the incident light will be attracted by professional journalists, and the “chemical attack” will be broadcast through the media and social networks.

The Agency says that, according to information received from reliable sources in the military-political leadership of Syria, the impetus for the preparation of provocations in the area of Nova Jassim angel was warning Washington about the “catastrophic” for Damascus, the consequences in the case of the government of Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons. “The purpose of provocation — to provoke the invasion of coalition forces led by the US on Syria, followed by the violent overthrow of the current government in Syria,” — said diplomatic sources.

The Pentagon reported on the preparation by the government of new Syrian chemical attack on June 26. Any evidence of these words was not provided. Later, the head of the military Department of the United States James Mattis suggested that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons due to the warnings of Americans.

Gas attack in Khan Sheyhun (Idlib), controlled by the Syrian opposition, took place on 4 April. Killed 87 people, injured about 200. Assad’s opponents and Western countries accused in the attack, the air force of the government troops. In Damascus said that the army did not use chemical weapons on the battlefield.

A few days later the forces of the U.S. air force launched a missile attack on the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. Then were fired 58 cruise missiles.