Matvienko urged senators not to be drawn into discussion of the fake news


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko urged senators to actively communicate with journalists, but not to participate in the discussion of the fake information.

The speaker made this remark in connection with some media reports appeared about the alleged differences between SF and the state Duma on the question of holding additional meetings of the upper house.

“We always operate synchronously, simultaneously, the Duma also plans its work based on the number of bills a priority, and we agreed that there will be an additional meeting, just waiting for a final decision on the number of laws. Actually, this topic did not exist, it catapulted to the press. Why am I talking about it: because some deputies and senators are involved in this discussion. You provoke and involve in the discussion of non-existent topics, thus creating an information field that supposedly do this problem is”, – said Matvienko.

“I ask you to speak often in the media dealing with the media, only to be on guard not to become parties to the unwinding of fake news that don’t exist. Be careful, please”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council.