In Serebryany Bor drowned man

In Serebryany Bor in the North-West of Moscow while riding on the boat of the drowned man. About it reported to “” a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, on Thursday, June 29, at 21:49 in all operational service received the message about the incident on the Second beach Silver Bor. Witnesses reported seeing a capsized boat and several men in the water.

Eye-witnesses and rescuers arrived at the scene, rescued a young girl who is in critical condition sent to the intensive care unit. According to her, it was the man to discover hitherto failed. Tracing will continue in the morning, with the onset of daylight.

Eyewitnesses of incident has not been found yet, so is still not clear whether the people on the boat, or just swimming. The small vessel it is also not detected.

At the scene working rescuers and police. While the incident qualifies as an accident.

June 19 on lake Ladoga near the village Impilahti in Karelia overturned overtaken by a storm the boat, which was carrying kids from the city Sortavala — four boys and one girl aged 15-16 years, to go fishing. Saved two young men who said that a girl died in front of them, two boys missing.