Employees of the Baikonur recommended to be vaccinated against plague

Employees of the Baikonur recommended to be vaccinated against plague

Moscow. June 30. INTERFAX.RU IN connection with the identification of plague in rodents near the city of Baikonur to the leadership of the eponymous spacecraft it is recommended to perform disinfection of the territory and to vaccinate employees, reported the press service of the Committee for the protection of public health, Ministry of health of Kazakhstan.

According to authorities, a common Friday, as part of a planned monitoring on the territory of five districts of Kyzylorda region and Ulytau district of Karaganda region in a limited area 12 km from the town of Baikonur laboratory “isolated culture of plague from the great gerbils and fleas, and also identified 14 rodents with positive results.”

“Been epizootic was informed the management of the complex “Baikonur”, which is recommended to do a preventive pest control areas and the vaccination of employees”, — stated in the message.

Similar information was sent to akim (head of administration) of Karmakshy district and the leadership of the veterinary service.

“Forces Goalyssago Kyzylorda branch of the anti-plague stations carried out disinfection treatment of an area of 4 sq. km for creation of protective zones and sanitary-educational work among the population”, — noted in the Committee.

It is emphasized that diseases plague among domestic animals and the population is not registered.

The press service noted that this situation is normal, similar epizootics are detected annually and when identified is a complex of preventive measures.

On the territory of the CIS countries more than 2 million sq km are anzoatequi by the plague. In Kazakhstan, these are the eight regions (Aktobe, Atyrau, Almaty, Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Mangystau, South Kazakhstan, partially Karaganda, East Kazakhstan).

Plague — natural focal infectious disease. In natural foci source of infection are rodents — marmots, ground squirrels and gerbils, rodents. Vectors are mostly arthropods, especially fleas.

In Kazakhstan since 2003, cases of the incidence of plague among the population is not registered.

The complex “Baikonur”, leased by the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, consists of two parts: the town and the spaceport. At the spaceport are launcher for launching missiles, heavy (“proton”), medium (“Zenith” and “the Union”) and easy classes (“Dnepr”, “Arrow”), and also of the carrier for the preparation of rockets, upper stages and satellites. At the spaceport, two gas stations, four measuring points, a well-developed network of roads. In 2015 from the Baikonur was conducted 18 launches in 2016 and 11 starts. The plans for 2017-the year of the execution of about a dozen launches.

In the Baikonur city is home to more than 76 thousand people, of whom about 60% are citizens of Kazakhstan, about 37% are citizens of Russia. The head of administration of Baikonur appointed by the decrees of the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan. In the city there are Russian authorities, including the city administration, municipal enterprises and institutions and structures that ensure the rule of law. Kazakhstan has complex special representative of the President of Kazakhstan and representative of its power structures, which is conducted through coordination and cooperation between the Russian and Kazakh governmental agencies and power ministries.