Clouds are like people. 5 soloist “Ivanushki-International”

Clouds are like people. 5 soloist “Ivanushki-International”

Aify recalls the story of one of the most successful Russian pop groups.

Love theme songs and the image of the beautiful men in the late 1990s, could not fail to attract the attention of young people to the group “Ivanushki International”. However, the creation of the boy band is still popular. Aify recalls the story of one of the most successful Russian pop groups.

“Third Internatonal”

One of the most popular Russian pop bands could be called “Soyuz-Apollo”, “Sunflowers”, “the don of Hip-Hop and Sancia Danser”, “Pencils” and even “Third Internatinal”. “We could not choose the team name — recalled soloist Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo. — I still lies somewhere in a notebook, inscribed with hundreds of names”.

Only six months later came the final name of the band “Ivanushki International”. Songwriter Herman Stage suggested to call the guys, “Ivan”, and producer Igor Matvienko has added “International”, reflecting the creative task of the team (musicians tried to combine the best traditions of Russian folk music, Soviet music and popular foreign dance styles).

Initially, Matviyenko planned to produce not boyish trio, a group of five people: three guys and two girls as “Tomboy” and “Cinderella”. “Cinderella” was searched at model agencies, and clubs, but not found, and “hooligan” had escaped two days after casting. More to risk did not, so opted for the party of the musical “Metro” Igor Sorin, the star of the Sochi fashion Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonova and male model at the fashion house of Slava Zaitsev Kirill Andreev.

For a long time the guys prepared for the big stage: singing, solfege, dancing, recording songs at the Studio “Mosfilm”. Only by the end of 1995, they began their solo performances in Moscow clubs, and was recorded first video for the song “universe”.

First video failed, so Matviyenko was even thinking to dissolve the team, but decided to give the guys one last chance.

The ticket to a happy future turned out to be a video for the song “Clouds”: a simple song immediately topped music charts, and the guys fell wildly popular.

Grigoriev-Apollonov of the triumph of the group later recalled: “Sochi, Wake up, turn on the TV — transmission of “Hot ten”. And there, “And in first place we have an unknown young band with the original name “Ivanushki international”. Include “Clouds” — and I’ll still clip not seen. Go to the beach later, and I start jumping people. That’s really really woke up famous, just one second.”

Success dot ru

Guys are attracted to its spontaneity, looseness and good dance training, so very soon, was recorded in the number of idols of youth. And the repertoire didn’t disappoint: “Doll”, “Ring”, “Aleshkina love”, “little sister”, “Clouds” hits began to leave one by one.

By the end of the 1990s to the homes of musicians have made “pilgrimage” has thousands of fans, because of what the guys had problems.

“We had a pretty hard relationship with the neighbors because of the fans, who scribbled all our staircase love letter addressed to Igor, he told the mother of one of the soloists Svetlana Sorin. — All the floors and elevators were filled with tearful calls to him. We got tired of it, and I made these crazy girls a bucket of powder and said that if they respect Igor, you have to wash all the floors. Washed”.

The first major changes occurred in the group at the beginning of 1998, when pet girls Igor Sorin said: “I’m tired of singing the same thing every day.” Popular singer, despite the entreaties of his fellow band members, decided to pursue a solo career.

Unfortunately, to realize their dreams Igor failed: ex-Ivan died while recording a solo album.

That happened during a break in recording studios September 1, 1998, there is still no consensus.

The official version of the investigation — a prolonged depression and suicide, but family and fans of the pop star do not believe in suicide, believing that it was premeditated murder.

And at this time, “Ivanushki-International” continued: in the place of Sorin the team came Oleg Yakovlev, previously starring in the video for “Doll” as one of the actors. Fans of the team took a replacement: a small blonde didn’t fit the role of a macho, but over time, the singer managed to win over even the most dedicated fans of Sorin.

A year after appearing in the team Yakovlev “Ivanushki International” released the album “Fragments of life”.

This record, the participants decided to dedicate the memory of Sorin, especially some of its songs were written on his poems.

Then came the famous album “I’ll scream all night”, “Wait for me”, “Oleg Andrey Cyril” with the songs “Snegiri”, “Cry”, “Boat”, “Beznadega Tochka ru” and a dozen pop hits of its time.

Every year the group gained momentum, and the video for the song “Simons” did not shoot anybody, and the best known Directors: Filipp Yankovsky (“Beznadega Tochka ru”), Fyodor Bondarchuk (“a ticket to the movies”).

22 years on five

Only in the second half of the 2000s, the popularity of “Ivanushki-International” began to fall. Some blamed the failure of the team in a creative crisis Matvienko, who ceased to write hits, but interest in a boy band, it is a natural phenomenon. The soloists themselves are not shy to say that fans, for the most part, fell in love, not in their music, and their body — charming young men.

By 2012, the boy band has released 13 albums, and Oleg Yakovlev thought about a solo career.

You know, I’m probably more worried about the “Simons” than for himself. Absolutely not afraid. I have confidence in myself. I have wonderful material to be envied by any artist. I think that in my solo creative way any obstacles will not.Oleg Yakovlev

On change to Oleg took a former employee of the Odessa theatre of Comedy Cyril Dee-Dee, which perfectly fit into the team. He is 27 November 2015, performed at the concert “Ivanushki-International”, devoted to 20-anniversary of creative activity of the group. That evening, the presentation of the new video for the song “Dance while you danced!” — at the moment the latest hit, “Ivanushki-International”.