US introduce new security measures against foreign aircraft

US introduce new security measures against foreign aircraft

WASHINGTON, June 28 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. USA announced Wednesday the introduction of new security measures concerning foreign passenger planes flying into the country from abroad.

The Minister of internal security of the USA John Kelly in a statement on this occasion expressed confidence that all airlines will adopt the new measures. He also warned that the steps will not be the last in the issue of tightening security. “Inaction is not an option,” stressed the Minister.

For its part, the us officials clarified that the enhanced measures to check passengers and their personal electronic devices on the subject of explosive devices touch two thousand flights arriving in the United States every day of the 280 airports in 105 countries.

As stated by Reuters of European and American officials, the airlines will have 21 days to implement measures to check for explosive devices and 120 days for the implementation of other steps to ensure security, including expanded screening of airline passengers.

The newspaper Politico notes that “the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is threatening to extend the ban on the transportation of laptops on all planes flying into the country from anywhere in the world for airlines that do not take additional security measures against hidden explosive devices.”

It is also reported that restrictions will apply to all baggage, not just carry-on as was the case with “limited prohibition”, which the US imposed in March for aircraft arriving from a number of airports in the Middle East and North Africa.

As specifies the edition, the new measures will make travel less convenient for businessmen who use in-flight electronics more often than other passengers.

Currently, anti-terrorism rules imposed by the aviation authorities of the United States, suggest a ban on the transportation of laptops from ten airports in the middle East. The restrictions were imposed in March in relation to the airports of Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.