Ukrainian TV reported on sanctions for absence from the Eurovision song contest the Russian singer

Ukrainian TV reported on sanctions for absence from the Eurovision song contest the Russian singer

According to the head of the National public television company of Ukraine, the European broadcasting Union is preparing a lawsuit “for political reasons”.

Moscow. June 29. INTERFAX.RU — TO the national public television company of Ukraine (NOTE) penalties will be applied for failure to participate in the song contest “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev, the participants from Russia Yulia Samoilova.

The morning began with a not very good news for UA: PBC (National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, the national public television company of Ukraine — if). Looks like we are still waiting for sanctions for “failure to participate in Eurovision 2017 contestants of the Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova”. And I have serious doubt that the state, represented by SBU wants to share with UA: PBC this conflict.Zurab Albanianpresident NOTE

However, he said that according to his information, the European broadcasting Union (EBU) prepares its separate lawsuit, “punishing UA: PBC for political reasons.”

The recommendation of the organizer of the contest

The statement of the EBU, received by “Interfax” stated that the governing body of the Eurovision song contest Reference group is recommended to NOTE fined for failing to ensure the performances of the contestants from Russia Samoilova.

“Reference group of the Eurovision encouraged to apply for a National public broadcasting company of Ukraine major penalty in accordance with the rules of the competition”, — said in a statement.

“The broadcaster of the host country are unable to comply fully with their obligations concerning cooperation with the EBU on the question of performance of the Russian party”, — the document says.

It emphasizes that as a result of problems with the Russian participation in the competition attention was diverted directly from the event and the brand and reputation of “Eurovision” was in jeopardy.

In addition, the reference group of the Eurovision not recommend the use of a fine or any other measures with respect to the First channel that refused to broadcast the three stages of the competition after the prohibition of entry to Ukraine singer Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to represent Russia at the competition in 2017.

Blocking of the Ukrainian security Deposit

Last week it became known that the Geneva office of debt enforcement blocked the Ukrainian Deposit of 15 million euros allocated as a guarantee for the successful holding of the “Eurovision”. The reason for such action was not reported.

The NOTE assured that the European broadcasting Union (EBU) was not the initiator of the freezing of funds, as acknowledged by the competition successful. According to representatives of the broadcasting company, the procedure was initiated by some third party.

Later, Deutsche Welle has written that the Deposit could be frozen because of claims of a news channel Euronews.

As reported, Russia has chosen to participate in the Eurovision song contest 2017 the singer Yulia Samoylova with the song Flame is Burning.

On 22 March the security Service of Ukraine made the decision on a ban of 3 years of entry into the country Samoilova as illegally visited the Crimea, which in Kiev is considered to be temporarily occupied territory.

The European broadcasting Union expressed its deep disappointment with this decision and stated the intention to contact with Kiev, to all the contestants could take part in it.

Later, the head of the reference group of the Eurovision Frank-Dieter Freiling said that Ukraine and Russia should be sanctioned for violation of the Statute of the international song contest “Eurovision” until the removal of three years. The representative of EBU stressed that the violation of the Charter of the competition took place from Russia, because its representatives did not participate in all mandatory activities before the contest.

The winner of the final of “Eurovision” in the year 2017 has become the representative of Portugal El Salvador Collected. He scored 758 points.