Ukraine punished for the absence of Russia at the Eurovision song contest

Ukraine punished for the absence of Russia at the Eurovision song contest

Ukraine will be punished for failing to participate in Eurovision-2017 Yulia Samoilova. “The first channel” for refusing to broadcast the competition escaped the observation of the European broadcasting Union.


Ukraine will be punished for the fact that the representative of Russia at the musical contest “Eurovision-2017” was not given the opportunity to participate, about RBC said the representative of the organizer — the “European broadcasting Union” (EBU).

The broadcaster of the host country is not able to adequately fulfil their obligations to cooperate with the EBU in connection with the participation of the Russian artist.The representative of EBU

He also noted that, among other things, the organization of the contest was marked by “significant delays, which have created unnecessary difficulties” in preparing for the event.

As a result, the spotlight of the competition was diverted, and the reputation of the brand “Junior Eurovision” was in jeopardy, he said. “Therefore, the steering Committee, reference group of the Eurovision recommended that the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine has paid a substantial fine in accordance with the rules of the competition”, — concluded the EBU.

According to this, sanctions will be applied to the National public television company of Ukraine (NOTE). The same is said by the Chairman of the TV company Zurab Alasania.

“The morning started with a not very good news for UA: PBC. Looks like we are still waiting for sanctions for “failure to participate in the Eurovision 2017 contestants of the Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova”. And I have serious doubt that the state, represented by SBU wants to share with UA: PBC this conflict”, — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

As stated by RBC Zurab Alasania, the Ukrainian broadcaster intends to appeal the decision of the EBU. “I understand the EBU and their desire to somehow save face. From their point of view much worse would the punishment as suspension of Ukraine for a year or two from participating in the contest, so a monetary penalty, according to them, the better,” he said.

Alasania also noted that the sanctions in exactly the same way Russia would face. According to him, the Russian side knew that Yulia Samoilova violated the laws of Ukraine, but nevertheless was sent to the contest as a contestant.

Technically we were not related to the ban, we have no such authority — to dispose of on the border, to let or not to let anyone, this is the work of the SBU. For us as a broadcaster it’s hard and hurt.Zurab Albanialove National broadcasting channel

As follows from the statement of the EBU, the comment also gets the Russian “First channel”, which refused to broadcast the competition from-for absence on it of the singer Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to represent Russia.

“However, the control group reprimanded “the First channel” for not participating in mandatory meeting of heads of delegations in Kiev in March and for refusing to broadcast live performances. The control group came to the conclusion that these violations of the rules of the contest kompensiruet the fact that Russian artists were not allowed to participate [in the contest] in Ukraine”, — reads the statement of the European broadcasting Union.

In mid-April, when the “First channel” announced the intention to abandon the broadcast of the Eurovision song contest, the EBU has proposed options that would allow Russia to participate in the contest.

“Unfortunately, both proposals were rejected by the “First channel”. Therefore, Russia will not participate in the 62nd contest “Eurovision”. We really want all 43 countries have been able to take part in the competition this year and did everything possible to achieve this”, — stated in the EBU reply to a request to RBC. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Eurovision” Frank-Dieter Frayling said that he strongly condemns the ban on the Ukrainian authorities to enter the Russian entry Samoilova.

“We strongly condemn the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to impose a ban on entry of Yulia Samoilova, because we believe that it fully undermines the integrity and nonpolitical character of the song contest “Eurovision” and its mission to unite all Nations through friendly competition”, — he said.

“The first channel” then explained its rejection of the proposals of EBU to the fact that remote speech discriminare Russian participant and is contrary to the rules and guidelines of the contest. The option of replacing Yulia Samoilova with another artist, “can’t even be considered”.

Russia did not participate in the Eurovision song contest-2017, which was held in Kiev, because Julia Samoylova, which was to represent the country, not allowed on the territory of Ukraine and forbade her entry for three years. These actions of the Ukrainian side explained that Samoilova acted at the festival in the Crimea, which the Ukrainian authorities believe the temporarily occupied by Russia as its territory.