The senators proposed to deprive the subscribers from the “left” SIM cards

The senators proposed to deprive the subscribers from the “left” SIM cards

The cell operator will have to suspend the provision of services to the subscriber, if the data is provided when purchasing a SIM card will be invalid.

Such an amendment to the second reading of the bill toughening the illegal sale of SIM cards, has prepared a member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Bokova, together with representatives of law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of communications, Roskomnadzor, the Russian Telecom operators. About RBC said the representative Side. The authors expect that the proposal will be considered during the second reading of the bill, which could take place in July.

At the end of April the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko together with Lyudmila Bokova, Dmitry Azarov and several other senators introduced the state Duma a draft of amendments to the law “On communication”, which name-calling service providers and persons acting on their behalf in the sale of SIM cards to enter into contracts with subscribers, checking the data specified in them, and companies that use corporate rates to give operators information about users.

The reason for the relevant amendments to the law “On communications” was the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint Petersburg, after which Matvienko at session of the Federation Council stated the need to intensify the fight against the illegal trade SIM cards to prevent new attacks.

According to the text of the bill must be checked with the following information: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and data of the identity document of the subscriber.

Check them offered through “unified identification system”, which is used for providing state and municipal services in electronic form through the portal of public Services using electronic signatures. The bill also introduces the concept of “identification module” to describe a SIM card. The document will enter into force on 1 January 2018. On 14 June the state Duma adopted the bill in the first reading.

Lyudmila Bokova proposed to amend the wording of the bill obliging operators to suspend the services to the subscriber, if the data “the end-user proves to be inaccurate”.

As explained by the representative Side, the order of suspension of communication services and their resume, including dates, will be determined by rules of rendering of telephone communication services.

Now this document says that the operator is entitled to suspend the provision to the subscriber of only those telephone services in respect of which the client has committed a breach of the law “On communication”, these rules or the contract with the operator. For example, this may occur at the request of the subscriber or, if he has debt.

Bokova also proposes to oblige operators to double-check through the state Services portal and other information systems data about subscribers that they will receive from distributors.

Thus, communication services should be provided to the subscriber only on completion of verification of the information.

“These measures will help to prevent illegal sale of SIM cards in places of a mass congestion of people, at railway stations, near subway stations, etc. In General, the adoption of the law will prevent the use of anonymous SIM cards for illegal activities, including fraudulent, extremist and terrorist nature. I hope that the amendments will be adopted by the state Duma in the near future,” Bokova conveyed through a representative.

Still in Russia there was a law prohibiting the sale of SIM cards without presentation buyer passports and entering personal data of the subscriber in the contract. In reality, however, SIM cards continue to be sold with no registration of the contract, stated earlier, the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov.

The subscriber is temporarily not available

Director of communications with the authorities of “MegaFon” Dmitry Petrov said that “the execution of requirements of the legislation on checking the actual data of the subscriber will be feasible if operators will be given access to state help systems using a Single system of identification and authentication”. Representatives of MTS and “VympelCom” have refused to comment on the amendment.

This is not the first attempt to “disconnect” from the network of subscribers for the inaccuracy of the provided data.

Last year, the Ministry of communications has proposed draft amendments in rules of rendering of telephone communication, which proposed to require operators in the contract with the subscriber to request data about those who apart from him can use the purchased SIM card (the paper proposed the concept of “actual users”).

In the case that personal data to actual users do not match the information specified in the contract, the document instructed the operator within 15 days to cease to provide services to this client to “cure the breach”. However, the project was criticized by the Ministry of economic development. In the opinion of the Ministry indicated that the draft act does not prescribe the order of actions in respect of already issued instruments. To make changes to the contracts of all existing subscribers, whose number in Russia exceeds 150 million, will require a personal visit to the sales office, the operator will need to modify the software, to develop and implement new technical solutions, equipment, hire additional personnel, which could lead to additional costs.

In addition, the project was contrary to the civil law, which allows you to donate and give things to other people, it was said in the opinion.