The Aussie put himself in the hand travel

The Aussie put himself in the hand travel

Resident of Australia implanted under the skin of travel, and now to get on the train, he only need to wave with the left hand, where he was implanted a chip in front of the scanner.

The biohacking meow-Ludo Disco Gamma meow-Mau (Yes, that’s his real full name) said that travel was implanted under his skin, the master on piercing. To do this, they cut the chip from the travel Opal 6 mm to 10 mm and Packed in biocompatible plastic.

According to meow-Ludo, now he has opportunities that not everyone can boast of.

“If someone steals my wallet, I won’t have problems to get home,” says biohacking. In the left hand of biohacking even implanted two chips, one of which — the documents and other important information.

According to meow-Ludo, sometimes the scanner does not read information from the chip, so you have to bring a hand to the scanner several times. But, according to the biohacking, this happens with regular cards Opal.

Meow-Ludo said that he will be interesting to see the reaction of employees to metro Sydney when they realize that his travel implanted under the skin.

The representative of Department of transport of New South Wales told the Australian the Huffington Post that the authorities do not support such manipulation of travel documents, as they violate the terms of use travel.

“Changing the physical characteristics of the Opal card can affect its reliability”, — noted in Department.

It is not clear whether the authorities would allow to use a pass, implanted under the skin. It is not excluded that the travel meow-Ludo unable to block, and then all his efforts will be in vain.