Residents of Sergiev Posad outraged by the breast created by the priest sculpture

In Sergiev Posad near Moscow residents criticized the open on the eve of the monument to the graduates of 1941, in their opinion too hot depicting dancing girls and a young man. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

In particular, disgruntled citizens pay attention to breast girl who, in their opinion, turned out to be too expressive. “Naked Boobs on the sculpture of the war years! My aunt, galloping around the focused beam. Somehow this is not how I imagined a waltz” — the newspaper quoted local residents.

Someone from townspeople remembered the Motherland in Volgograd, which through the dress as well as watching the chest. “[But] the Motherland is wearing, she clearly see the folds of clothing. And this beauty, in addition to sleeveless, no nothing. In General, no it is not art” — quoted locals. Some of the citizens even saw that the girl has an Adam’s Apple on the neck.

Now is collecting signatures for the restoration of the location of the monument that was there before — bed.

A monument to the priest of the Church in honor of Kazan icon of the Mother of God in the village of Vlas’yevo, Tver region Yevgeny Antonov, also functioning as the head of the Tver branch of the Union of artists of Russia. He stated that his monument is an allegory of youth and freshness. “The female form outlined by me intentionally, because she represents life, peace, happiness. But the young man was “laid down” a premonition of war: his figure tense, and look sad. The idea of the monument lies a very tragic sense,” explained the priest.

Comments for the priest noted that “young Breasts always remains elastic and appreciable” and not spoil the General picture.

In July 2016, the art-group “Sever-7” for a few hours covered the nakedness of the copy statues of David by Michelangelo, mounted on Kirochnaya street Saint Petersburg cap. The action was preceded by the complaint of a local resident that the statue spoil the historical appearance of the city and may badly affect minors.