Prisoner near Lugansk: Ministry of defence responded to the rumors about the Russian military


RIA Novosti

The Russian defense Ministry has denied information about the capture of the Ukrainian security forces of the Russian military in the LC. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The defense Ministry said that Russian Viktor Ageev actually served in the armed forces, but in 2016, left the service “in due order”, as there is a record in his military ticket, and the service contract has not been received. “Information about the alleged admission in the subsequent Viktor Ageev on military service under the contract is an invention of Ukrainian propagandists”, – stressed in the defense Ministry.

Representatives of the Department said that if Ageev was the current Russian military, in his military ticket would be a record of the receipt of the service contract. According to the defense Ministry, the record “Ukrainian security services have unknowingly not had time to paint.” “That is why Ukrainian propagandists began to publish the photos of the other pages of the military ticket, and once again used the Amateurs from the British BBC to distribute fake “revelations,” – said the Agency.

The day before, on 27 June, the media reported that the 22-year-old Victor Ageev was captured in the LC, and then were transferred to the security Service of Ukraine. His mother said “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, 18 March 2017, the young man signed a new contract to serve in Bataisk Rostov region.