Pink Samoyed dog sent to the kennel of the Ministry of defense

Two pink-colored Samoyed dog found in the woods near Gelendzhik, send to the nursery of the Ministry of defense in Moscow. On Thursday, June 29, TASS reported the owner of the shelter in the resort town, where the animals were in the last few days.

Margarita Shcherbinina said that the police are seeking the owner of the dog, and at the time of trial the animal was placed in its shelter. They lived there for six days, after which the defense Ministry agreed with regional law enforcement agencies the process of its transfer to the kennel “Red star” at the Agency.

According to the woman, as dogs does not cause fear, but to reach a final conclusion, whether caused paint damage to animals, you need a full examination at the vet.

Three Samoyed huskies, painted in pink, was found by the residents of Noumea, but the volunteers managed to catch only two dogs, the third was shunned by people. According to media reports, previously, animals used for paid photo shoots on the streets of the city. When the puppies grew up, they decided to get rid of.