Kidnapped by Islamists employees of the UN mission in Libya freed

Seven employees of the UN mission in Libya — five men and two women released after being captured by militants, according to Elaph. According to security sources, all of them safe and healthy.

As the newspaper notes, the victims — natives of Libya, Malaysia, Romania, Egypt and Palestine. The Islamists stole them to trade for his followers, previously detained in Tripoli.

Negotiations took place, the prisoners persuaded to let the elders of the local tribes.

Earlier it was reported that the hostages were seized in the city of Zawiya. Originally it was about six. The extremists stopped a car in which there were employees of the UN, transplanted them into their cars and drove away in an unknown direction. Other details of incident are not reported.

It is known that the group, taking hostages, not subject to Central authorities.

After the overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 the country began a civil war, one power was actually lost. Part of the territory seized by radical Islamists, until recently Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte was controlled by the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Until February 2016 in Libya, there were two governments: democratically elected and recognized by the international community in Tobruk and the Islamist — in Tripoli. 17 December 2015 when the UN mediation, the parties signed an agreement on the establishment of a government of national unity. Its composition was announced on 15 February 2016.