In the University dormitory in Kentucky exploded gas

The explosion took place in the campus of the University of Murray (Murray State University) in Kentucky (USA). The new dormitory, Richmond Hall has a gas leak, said on Thursday, June 29, WPSD Local.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening. Fox News reports that injured two people, one of them was taken to the hospital, the second injury is less significant.

Currently, the hostel is surrounded, to it let nobody. Rescuers believe that the building can still be dangerous.

According to eyewitnesses, the vibration of the explosion was felt even outside the building.

The new building of the Richmond Hall was opened in 2009. Plans on its construction had been discussed since 2003, but due to financial constraints, the project is constantly postponed. The old building is working since 1961.

Murray State University as one of the best regional schools in the United States. In 2016, the University received about 10.5 thousand students. The University was opened in 1922.