Drunken Irkutsk woman attacked a paramedic ambulance on the way to the hospital

In Irkutsk investigators are checking on the fact of attack of the patient to the paramedics in the ambulance EN route to the hospital. This was reported on the website SU IC in the Irkutsk region.

The incident occurred June 28 at the Mill tract near Irkutsk. On the way to the hospital between 36-year-old patient and the paramedic emergency was a conflict. The woman pushed the nurse, and she hit her head when she was struck. At this time, the husband deboshirki in his car drove up to the ambulance and, after a verbal altercation with the doctors, took away his wife.

Employees of the ambulance pressed on “the disturbing button” and the couple 20 minutes later, officers detained Regardie. According to preliminary data, at this point, the woman and her husband was drunk, and he refused to undergo the medical examination and was taken to the detention center.

On 16 June the state Duma adopted in the first reading the package of draft laws on the responsibility for obstructing the work of the ambulance. Different penalties will apply depending on the nature of the actions of offenders and the severity of the consequences.