Venezuela spoke about the work of the hijacker helicopter for the CIA

Hijacker Venezuelan police helicopter attacked the building of the Supreme court, was linked to the CIA and the U.S. Embassy. This information was announced by the Minister of communication and information Ernesto Villegas, his words, reports the newspaper El Nacional.

He urged citizens to be alert and wary of coup attempts. According to Villegas, the attack will not stop the convening of a constituent Assembly, and President Nicolas Maduro will take care of the security of the Venezuelan people.

Oscar Perez June 28, stole a police helicopter that fired 15 bullets at the Supreme court building and threw four grenades at him. With the aircraft he also waved a flag with the inscription “Freedom”. Perez announced the deployment of ground and air operations in the country with the aim to “return power to the people and to restore constitutional order”. In a network there was video of the incident.

The unrest in the country due to severe economic crisis since the beginning of April, has killed 91 people.