Ukraine declared victory over the virus Petya

Security professionals took control of the spread of the virus-ransomware Petya and stopped a cyber attack, according to the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The report also States that currently the experts are working on recovering data that was encrypted. Details of “victory” over the virus is not revealed.

On Tuesday, June 27, Ukrainian and Russian companies announced a powerful attack that their computer networks were hit with a virus-extortionist. The malware has encrypted all data on the device and demanded a ransom of $ 300 in bitcoins.

According to Group-IB, June 27 from Petya.A in Russia and Ukraine suffered more than 80 companies. The virus has infiltrated the corporate network through phishing emails containing a malicious link.

Later, the experts of Positive Technologies, specializing in information security, revealed a kill-switch is able to locally disable the Trojan.